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Trombone (downloadable)

Trombone (downloadable)


Micco’s Jazz Etudes & Exercises (2019)
by Mikko Pettinen

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Sample Eddie Freelancer  
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Ladattava materiaali sisältää nuotit 56- tai 58-sivuisena PDF tiedostona ja Play-a-long äänitteet kappalekohtaisesti kuudessa Zip kansiossa.

Download material includes sheet music as a 56- or 58-page PDF  file and Play-a-long recordings a title by title in six Zip folders.

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Micco´s Jazz Etudes for Trombone (Sheet Music Book)






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Micco’s Jazz Etudes & Exercises is a brand new play-a-long book for jazz students, committed
amateurs and professionals. These etudes have been written for the trumpet, trombone and
saxophone, but are also available in concert key for singers, pianists and guitarists. The book
features sixteen etudes based on six jazz tunes, each etude covering various scale and pattern

For five of the tunes I have written three etudes in different tempos (slow, medium and
medium-up or uptempo). This gives you the option to practice the easiest etude (no. 1) at the
fastest tempo (no. 3) or reversely the most advanced etude (no. 3) at the slowest tempo (no. 1).
It’s up to you! There is also a ”jam track” for each tune which enables you to trade fours or eights
with me. In addition, you will find tracks featuring only the rhythm section, allowing you to play the
melody and then improvise freely.

All the etudes have phrasing markings indicating how I articulate each phrase. However, feel free
to come up with your own way of phrasing. In addition, the book includes a few jazz licks you can
practice as well as exercises based on different scales. There is also an easy warm-up routine
which has been written for the trumpet but may be used for all brass instruments.
The play-a-long recording features a live band: Teemu Eronen on the drums, Eerik Siikasaari on
the bass and me on the piano. It was recorded at Teemu’s Klassikko studio by Hannu
Lamminmäki. I later recorded the trumpet parts in my home studio.

The songs:
1. Eddie Freelancer: A medium blues inspired by Freddie Freeloader from Miles
Davis’ Kind Of Blue album

2. Maybe Not: A medium-uptempo modal tune inspired by the Miles Davis classic So What

3. Groovy Hat: A funky bossa nova based on four scales.

4. I Got It: A simplified version of the George Gershwin classic I Got Rhythm with a different bridge
and a New Orleans second line groove

5. Making O: A funky tune inspired by the saxophonist Maceo Parker, who is best know for his
long association with James Brown

6. Bluesy Minority: A swinging medium to medium-uptempo shuffle
This hard bop tune was inspired by Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers as well as Cannonball