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Tobago   Grade: 3  Total time:

Composer: Luis Pasquet
Wind Band orchestration: Janne Ikonen 2011

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You can play this wind band orchestration without: bass clarinet, bassoon, 2nd alto saxophone, barytone saxophone. There is optiomal parts for bandoneon and piano. If you have four percussion players (maracas, claves, gongas and mallets) dont use drums.
Composer Luis Pasquet, (b. 1917) one of the most widely known conductors of Uruguay, immigrated to Finland in the beginning of the 70’s. He initially worked for the Finnish National balet for two years, but after that moved to Lahti. Luis Pasquet started his musical studies with the piano at the music conservatory of Salto, Uruguay, from where he moved on to study composing and conducting to the Kolisher conservatory in Montevideo. His musical interests where from an early stage directed towards impressionism, ekspressionism and jazz. Hence, his music has delicate shades of all these branches of music. When working as a conductor for tv and radio of Montevideo, Luis Pasquet conducted various musical styles together with top guest soloists like Josephine Baker and Maurice Chevalier. One of his definitive strengths in the branch of Jazz is his wide control of different styles of jazz.